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Our COVID-19 Response

Beginning May 18, 2020, our office will be open.  We will be following the guidelines set forth by the Alabama Department of Public Health on their website and also the guidelines for businesses endorsed by the FDA and the CDC.  The following safeguards will be put into effect:  Our employees will be screened before they return to work.  Any employee who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms will leave the office and seek medical care.  Our office will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.  We will post at our front desk the CDC guidelines re: stopping the spread of germs and the CDC guidance on symptoms of COVID-19. Our attorneys and staff are encouraged to wear a face mask when practicable and will maintain social distancing.  And of course, we will continue to follow the hand washing protocol and avoid touching our faces.  Like so many others, we are ready to be more accessible to our clients but we want to make sure we are mindful of all safety precautions.