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Verdicts and Settlements

Prince Glover Hayes was established in 1979 by Senior Partner Robert F. Prince in the Prince-Searcy Building in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We are a civil litigation firm concentrating in personal injury, environmental law, and insurance fraud. Under his leadership, the firm has earned some of the largest jury verdicts ever awarded in the state of Alabama.  Our firm has taken on powerful special interests, including large insurance companies, large trucking companies, and corporations with lots of money to spend on their lawyers and their experts.  Our verdicts and settlements prove that we are not afraid of these special interests and that we will fight all the way to the courthouse if we have to in order to make sure our clients get the justice they deserve. 

Here are examples of some of our larger verdicts and settlements:

$43.8 MILLION-Harmful Gasoline Fumes (Hale County)

$40 MILLION- Harmful Exposure in Workplace

$20 MILLION- Alabama Farmers Wrongfully Denied Insurance Benefits

$15.5 MILLION-18 Wheeler Slammed into Car and Broke Driver’s Leg (Federal Court) (Surpassed the largest personal injury verdict in Tuscaloosa County, which had been set by Robert Prince in 1999)

$8.75 MILLION-Product Failure Kills Person after 4 Years of Suffering

$8.3 MILLION-Insurance Fraud Verdict

$7.35 MILLION-Alabama Farmers Wrongfully Denied Insurance Benefits

$6.75 MILLION- Verdict in Pickens County for Breach of Contract Involving Payment of Product that was in Fact Not Delivered

$6.3 MILLION-Alabama Truck Driver Injured at Industrial Site in Michigan

$6.1 MILLION- Settlement for Two Clients Seriously Injured in a Collision with an 18-Wheeler

$5.5 MILLION- Verdict in Hale County Awarded to the Family of a Man who Died when a Crane Toppled Over Onto Him. 

$4.2 MILLION- Two Burned Workers Get Settlement

$3.8 MILLION- Settlement of Breach of Contract Lawsuit

$3.5 MILLION- Verdict in Case Where a Truck Driver Killed a Man (At that time, the largest personal injury verdict rendered by a Tuscaloosa County jury)

$3 MILLION-3 Wheeler Kills Boy (Hale County)

$2.85 MILLION-Settlement for Neighborhood Residents Who Were Exposed to Toxic Odors and Fumes

$2.75 MILLION-Victims of Crash with Overloaded Log Truck 

$2.5 MILLION- Poorly Designed Vehicle Injures Man

Over $2.5 MILLION- Worker Killed While Using Defective Equipment

$2.49 MILLION- Settlement in a Product Liability Case. 

$2 MILLION-Drug Using Driver Injures Man (Tuscaloosa County)

$2 MILLION-Coal Miner/Rescue Team Member Badly Burned

$2 MILLION- Settlement Involving 18 Wheeler

$2 MILLION- Settlement for Family of Man Killed in a Workplace Accident

$2 MILLION- Partial Settlement for Occupational Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

$1.9 MILLION- Worker Badly Burned due to Explosion Caused by Defective Product

$1.87 MILLION- Poultry Farmers Denied Insurance Benefits   

$1.8 MILLION- Environmental Class Action Against A Neighborhood Polluter    

$1.75 MILLION-Tractor Trailer Injury after Poor Maintenance

$1.7 MILLION- Settlement of Case Involving 18 Wheeler

$1.65 MILLION- Settlement in a Real Estate Contract Dispute

$1.6 MILLION- Wrongful Death Settlement (Jefferson County)

$1.6 MILLION- Wrongfully Denied Insurance Benefits

$1.5 MILLION- Trucking Company Negligent Hiring

$1.55 MILLION- Struck By A Vehicle That Drove Into A Storefront   

$1.5 MILLION- Shareholder’s Agreement Was Not Upheld

$1.5 MILLION- Wrongful Death the Cause of Which was an Apartment Fire   

Over $1.4 MILLION- Worker Badly Burned due to Explosion Caused by Defective Part

$1.4 MILLION- Trucking Company Fire Kills Man

$1.3 MILLION- Speeding Dump Truck Kills Man

$1.25 MILLION- Settlement in Bad Faith Case 

Over $1 MILLION Settlement Involving a Workplace Accident Resulting in the Death of Employee 

$1.1 MILLION- Environmental Settlement (Hale County)

$1.1 MILLION –  Wrongful Death as a Result of 18 Wheeler Collision

$1.053 MILLION- Settlement in 18 Wheeler Case

$1 MILLION- Wrongful Death, Pedestrian Struck and Killed   

$1 MILLION-Victim of Crash with Speeding Tractor Trailer

$1 MILLION- Settlement for Family of Man Killed by a Commercial Tractor at his Workplace

$989,000- Settlement in a Case Involving an  18-Wheeler

$965,000- Settlement in Car Wreck Case

$940,000 Settlement in Breach of Contract case.

Over $900,000 Settlement in Motorcycle Accident.

$875,000- Alabama Farmers Wrongly Denied Insurance Benefits

$775,000- Insurance Agency Breach of Contract

$650,000 Settlement Involving a Tractor Trailer

$625,000 Settlement in a Case Involving an 18-Wheeler   

$600,000 Settlement Involving an Auto Accident   

$550,000 Settlement in Toxic Exposure Case.

$515,000 Settlement Involving A Bad Wreck, Trapping Driver Inside Their Car

$500,000 Settlement Involving a Pedestrian who was Killed

$495,000 Settlement in Toxic Exposure Case.

$488,000 Settlement 18 Wheeler Crashed into Convenience Store

$470,000.00 Mold Exposure Case

$450,000 Tractor Trailer Rear-Ended Person

$425,000 Settlement in a Workplace Injury Case Involving Defective Equipment