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Mass Torts

Mass Torts Lawyer In Tuscaloosa

Mass torts are civil actions that have many plaintiffs involved against one or several defendant corporations. If a toxic chemical is released and an entire neighborhood is impacted, each neighbor may have different injuries (one neighbor may have experienced skin rashes and another may have experienced respiratory problems).  Since they weren’t injured in the same way, it is difficult to form one class for a class action suit. These types of situations are handled as mass tort actions. 


Prince Glover Hayes has extensive experience litigating mass torts.  We have the resources necessary to properly and successfully handle these types of claims.  Our attorneys are knowledgeable in the areas of law that govern these lawsuits.   Our support staff is adept at managing and organizing the large volume of paperwork and electronic information these cases generate.  Our investigators assist in gathering evidence.  We have the financial resources necessary to pay the high costs associated with mass torts.

PGH Partner Josh Hayes currently serves as a Deputy Attorney General for the purposes of prosecuting the State of Alabama’s claims against prescription opioid manufacturers and distributors.  Alabama has been particularly hard-hit and Josh and Bob Prince are honored to have been appointed by Attorney General Steve Marshall to prosecute these claims as the state seeks to recoup its losses and provide for the future of dealing with this crisis.

In addition, the firm has done extensive work in the National Prescription Opiate Litigation MDL 2804.  This nationwide litigation seeks to hold the manufacturers and distributors of opioids responsible for the opioid use disorder epidemic that has stricken our nation. 

On October 3, 2001, a Hale County jury ordered Plantation Pipeline to pay our client, his son and a family trust $43,800,000.00 including $37,000,000.00 in punitive damages.  The plaintiffs sued Plantation Pipeline and Chevron after our client dug an irrigation well on his small farm and struck gasoline.  At trial, it was proven that Plantation Pipeline was responsible for 750,000 to 1,000,000 gallons of gasoline that leaked from their pipeline and migrated onto the plaintiffs’ property.  There were 38 individual plaintiffs who brought 22 separate lawsuits.  After the first verdict, we were able to negotiate a global multi-million dollar settlement resolving all of our clients’ claims. 

In March 2018, Prince Glover Hayes, along with two other law firms, brought to conclusion a lawsuit filed on behalf of hundreds of employees who had been exposed to dangerous and toxic chemicals in the factory where they worked.  After years of gathering evidence, deposing experts, conducting testing, researching voluminous state and federal safety statues and regulations, we were able to successfully negotiate a forty million dollar settlement on behalf of our injured clients. 

PGH is currently involved in a lawsuit filed in Tuscaloosa County on behalf of over 100 plaintiffs who have been injured due to pollution, noise and vibrations coming from a business located near their neighborhood. 

Two hundred twenty nine plaintiffs are named in a mass torts lawsuit filed by Prince Glover Hayes and two other law firms.  This lawsuit involves toxic exposure in the workplace where these plaintiffs were employed. 

On behalf of seventy-six plaintiffs, PGH, along with another law firm, has filed a complaint in Perry County, Alabama containing counts of nuisance, trespass, negligence, wantonness, and conspiracy in connection with the operation of a factory that emits noxious odors.  Additionally, the facilities which are used to dispose of the waste generated by this facility have failed and are causing not only noxious odors but health concerns as well.

If you believe your case has the potential to become a mass tort, contact the experienced attorneys at Prince Glover Hayes today. 

Product Failure Killed Person After 4 Years of Suffering: $8.75 Million

Jury Verdict in Wrongful Death: $5.5 Million

3-Wheeler Kills Boy: $3.0 Million Settlement

Man Killed in Workplace Accident: $2 Million Settlement

Wrongful Death Settlement: $1.6 Million

Trucking Company Fire Kills Man: $1.4 Million

Speeding Dump Truck Kills Person: $1.3 Million