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Matt Glover, PGH Partner, Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Fayette County, Alabama

Recently Matt Glover, along with attorneys Tommy Jones and Greg Foster, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a doctor, several nurses and the health care facility in which the surgery was performed on the decedent.  The complaint alleges that the doctor, in addition to performing a panniculectomy performed several other cosmetic, medically unnecessary procedures.  The defendants knew of the decedent’s  history of hemochromatosis and pulmonary embolism.  Other allegations in the complaint state that the defendant doctor had mental and physical afflictions that the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners found to be detrimental to his ability to practice medicine.  Despite these deficits, the defendant doctor was allowed to proceed undeterred with the care and surgery of the decedent.  Defendants acted in concert to expand the scope of the procedure for the decedent in order to benefit themselves, individually or to benefit defendant doctors and thus benefit themselves indirectly.  No pre-surgical precautions related to appropriate consults or anticoagulation therapy were taken.  The decedent was seen three times after the surgery and at no time was there any adjustment in the treatment or precautions taken with regard to hemochromatosis or pulmonary embolism.  Sixteen days after the surgery, decedent died of a pulmonary embolism.  

Various counts of the complaint allege that the defendants’ care for the decedent fell below the applicable standard of care and negligently and/or wantonly caused the injuries and that conduct was the proximate cause of decedent’s death; that defendants negligently or wantonly failed to supervise and/or train their employees, staff, or medical professionals in proper procedures to ensure that patients were cared for and treated properly; that defendants negligently and /or wantonly  retained their employees, staff, or medical professionals who negligently and/or wantonly cared for decedent; that defendants negligently and/or wantonly hired and/or contracted with their employees, staff, or medical professionals by failing to ensure that they were qualified and/or otherwise fit to occupy the position or carry out the responsibilities for which they were charged; that defendants have vicarious liability for the acts and omissions of all persons or entities under defendants’ control whether directly or indirectly and that said persons or entities were acting within the line and scope of employment when they rendered medical care and attention to decedent; that defendants breached the standard of care for similarly situated healthcare providers; that defendants acted in concert or materially aided each other in a conspiracy to accomplish the acts described by unlawful, oppressive or immoral means. 

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