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Prince Glover Hayes Partner Josh Hayes Settles Fayette County Car Accident Case

Josh Hayes, PGH partner, has settled a case which involved a car wreck that occurred in Fayette County, Alabama.  Josh’s client was hit head-on by a driver who had fallen asleep at the wheel.  The collision caused his client and her four children who were travelling with her to be seriously injured.  Josh’s client was airlifted to a hospital in Birmingham and her children were taken by ambulance to a local hospital.  Josh’s client underwent several surgeries and incurred almost $900,000.00 in medical expenses.  This case was referred to us by John Russell, IV, an attorney in Aliceville, Alabama.  When Josh got the case, he set in motion the process PGH has formulated to ensure our clients’ cases get the attention they deserve and their cases are handled skillfully by our experienced trial lawyers.  As the case progressed, Josh and his legal assistant, Jessica Taylor, gathered medical records and expenses and other information necessary to make a demand to the adverse driver’s insurance carrier.  Since liability was clear and the injuries were so severe, Josh demanded policy limits from the carrier.  Additionally, he made the same policy limit demand on his client’s insurance carrier for the uninsured/underinsured motorist benefits for which her policy provided.  

After reaching a settlement with both carriers, Josh then had to get the minor children’s portions of the settlement approved by the circuit court of Fayette County, Alabama.  A complaint for Pro Ami Settlement was filed with the court. A guardian ad litem for the minor children was appointed and after a hearing on the matter, the children’s settlements were approved on November 17, 2023.  

Josh and his client were pleased that a satisfactory settlement was reached and a trial was avoided.  If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence or wantonness of another, call the highly qualified personal injury attorneys at Prince Glover Hayes for a free consultation.