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Josh Hayes Settles Workplace Injury Wrongful Death Lawsuit For Confidential Amount

Josh Hayes, PGH partner, recently settled a wrongful death lawsuit on a case filed in another state in the Southeast United States.  Josh represented the mother of the deceased, who was fatally injured while working at a construction site.  Defendants named in the lawsuit were the developer of the project under construction, a subcontractor of the developer who was hired to maintain safety at the site and to supervise certain activities at the site.  Josh also named the municipality within which the construction site was located, alleging the municipality reserved a right and assumed a duty to supervise the installation of a sewer line constructed to service the development.  Josh sued the defendants for negligence, willfulness, wantonness and recklessness alleging they had a legal duty to exercise reasonable care for the safety of the deceased and they breached that duty by not overseeing and inspecting the sewer line installation process, not enforcing all applicable safety regulations, not maintaining the safety of the construction site and not warning of hazardous and dangerous conditions at the construction site. 

After obtaining numerous discovery documents and taking depositions of all personnel involved, Josh and his team prepared a detailed mediation statement and PowerPoint presentation for the mediator.  After a long-fought litigation battle, Josh was able to reach a satisfactory settlement for his client.  

If a loved one has died as the result of the wrongdoing of another, call Josh Hayes or any of the other knowledgeable wrongful death attorneys at Prince Glover Hayes for a free consultation.