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Coe Baxter, Prince Glover Hayes Associate Settles Car Wreck Lawsuit Filed in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama

Recently, Coe Baxter, an associate with Prince Glover Hayes, settled a car wreck lawsuit which he had filed in Tuscaloosa County.  The wreck occurred on McFarland Boulevard East.  The adverse driver, traveling northbound on McFarland, made a U turn in a cut-through in the median.  He proceeded to the far-right lane of southbound traffic attempting to enter into the parking lot of a liquor store.  Because another vehicle was in the entrance of the business and did not pull forward, the rear end of the adverse driver’s vehicle was still in the southbound roadway.  Coe’s client was traveling in the southbound lane of McFarland.  There was another vehicle to her left which prohibited her from taking evasive action.  She was unable to stop her vehicle in time and collided with the back of the adverse vehicle.  Because Coe’s client had the right of way in the right lane at the time the adverse executed his U turn and proceeded into her lane the investigating officer listed that as the primary contributing unit. 

Coe filed suit on December 11, 2019.  He filed discovery documents in the form of Interrogatories and Requests for Production of Documents.  He deposed the adverse driver and the orthopedic surgeon who treated his client.  Additionally, attorneys for the adverse driver took the depositions of Coe’s client and a passenger who was also in her car.  Coe defended these depositions.  After gathering all this information, Coe was able to successfully negotiate a settlement for his client.

In Alabama, U-turns are usually not permitted on divided highways, except for designated areas or where permitted by signs.  Divided highways typically have medians or barriers in place to separate opposing traffic, making U-turns unsafe and impractical.  Prince Glover Hayes encourages the public if they encounter a “No U-turn” sign, to obey it and find an alternative route.  

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, call one of the experienced car accident attorneys at Prince Glover Hayes for a free consultation.