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Prince Glover Hayes Partner, Bob Prince, Settles Car Wreck Case

PGH partner Bob Prince recently settled a lawsuit involving a car wreck that occurred in Choctaw County, Alabama.  Bob’s client was very seriously injured when the adverse driver hit him head-on.  Bob and our chief investigator, Ken Swindle, began gathering evidence showing that the adverse driver was at fault.

An accident reconstruction expert was hired and downloaded pre and post collision information which determines driver behavior, impact severity and the cause of the crash. Using this information, Bob was able to negotiate a policy limits settlement from the adverse driver and also made a claim pursuant to his client’s underinsured motorist coverage.

Bob associated Zac Turner with the law firm Turner Onderdonk Kimbrough & Howell in Chatom to work with him on this case.  While Zac attended UA Law School, he was a member of one of Bob’s Trial Advocacy Competition teams.  They both enjoyed being able to work on a case together.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car wreck due to the negligence or wantonness of another, call Bob or any of the other skilled Tuscaloosa car accident attorneys at Prince Glover Hayes for a free consultation.