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Prince Glover Hayes Currently Handling Twelve Wrongful Death Cases

There is nothing more tragic than losing a loved one in a car crash, on a jobsite, or in any other accident caused by the wrongdoing of another.  Recognizing this and knowing that loved ones are dealing with grief, anxiety and other attendant emotions, PGH helps clients cope with care and compassion.  Oftentimes this devastating loss is compounded by financial stress, especially when the deceased loved one was the family provider.  We counsel clients regarding agencies and other services that can give aid during this critical time.

Because time is of the essence in many of these cases, we begin vigorously pursuing those who have caused the death of a client’s loved one.  To begin the prosecution of a wrongful death case, we gather all the information at our disposal, including the accident report, witness statements, autopsy reports, and death certificate.  We send preservation letters and get dash cam video footage. Since the lawsuit, if one is necessary, has to be brought by the personal representative of the deceased, we guide our client through the process of probating the deceased’s will if there was one or petitioning the probate court for letters of administration if the deceased died intestate.  The cost of that is borne by PGH and is repaid to the firm only if there is a settlement.  

It is at this early point that we notify the insurance carrier of those who caused our client’s loved one’s death.  We begin hiring experts (accident reconstruction experts, design experts, safety experts for example) and give them the information they need to help them form their opinions.  

It is our hope that the claim can be settled early.  This is especially true if liability is clear, and we have witnesses and expert opinions that corroborate this.  However, if this does not happen, and a lawsuit is necessary, we file a complaint along with discovery requests.  After getting answers and responses to these requests, we will then depose any witnesses, especially including the wrongdoer, whose testimony we want to preserve.  

At some point, we may request mediation.  At mediation, we present our case to the mediator and give him or her all the information we have obtained including our discovery, our experts’ opinions and our legal theory detailing liability on the part of the defendant.  Many of our wrongful death cases are settled during mediation and our clients are spared the emotional strain a trial can cause.  

But, if settlement does not happen, our attorneys are prepared for a trial.  They are all seasoned trial attorneys who have the strategies and skill to walk confidently into a courtroom and fight for their clients.  A wrongful death lawsuit brings not only justice, but also closure because the family knows steps have been taken to prevent others from experiencing a similar fate at the hands of those responsible. If you had a loved one whose death was caused by the wrongdoing of another, call the experienced wrongful death attorneys at Prince Glover Hayes for a consultation at no charge.