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Prince Glover Hayes Partner, Matt Glover, Delivers Presentation at Alabama Association for Justice Seminar

On June 16, 2023, Matt Glover, PGH partner, was one of the speakers at the annual seminar sponsored by the Alabama Association for Justice (ALAJ) held in Destin, Florida.  His topic was Winning Your Trial Early-Ways to Make it Happen.  In his talk, Matt incorporated many of the strategies he has employed over his 21 years of practice to put him and his client in a better position to be successful at trial.  He shared with the trial lawyers in attendance his philosophy that it is never too early to prepare for trial.  

Matt has tried 45 civil cases during his legal career.  As one would imagine, he has gained a wealth of experience.  Some tactics Matt uses that have proven effective include: 1.  Be true to yourself-knowing what your strength is and playing up to that.  For instance, Matt’s strength is cross-examination so he makes sure he is prepared to question an opponent’s witness in a way that shows that witness’s bias or lack of credibility.  2. Move the meter- what moves the meter? In other words, what motivates the jury?  Many times trial lawyers concentrate on their client’s injuries and how bad they are.  But what Matt has found through evaluating his trials, is that a wrongdoer’s conduct is what arouses jurors’ emotions and influences their decisions. So that should be your focus. 3. Come out hot.  Battles in the courtroom are often decided in the early stages of trial. Most people in life make decisions quickly. Often, once a person decides, it is hard to change their mind.  For this reason, Matt has learned to relay early to the jury the message he wants to send them and reiterate that message through direct and cross examinations and finally in closing arguments. 4.  Take the bull by the horns- Bringing all the prior concepts together leads to what Matt believes is the ultimate winning strategy. What is the best way to focus on the defendant’s conduct while at the same time winning the case early? He suggests calling an adverse witness right out of the gate. If cases are won early and the meter is moved by focusing on the defendant’s conduct, why wouldn’t plaintiff lawyers call the defendant front and center in their case in chief?  This is especially true if that lawyer’s trial strength is cross-examination and since the witness is adverse, the plaintiff lawyer can ask leading questions and employ other techniques not available otherwise. 

Many attendees refer cases to Matt so they are personally aware of his trial skills and abilities.  Matt’s knowledge and skill have influenced attorneys all across Alabama to refer cases to him.  They know Matt will put in the time and effort it takes to prepare a persuasive argument whether a client’s case can be settled by negotiation or mediation or whether the case is taken all the way to trial.

It was an honor for Matt to speak at this seminar and an opportunity to give back to ALAJ, an organization that works tirelessly to protect Alabama citizens’ right to jury trials.  The mission of ALAJ is to “preserve and protect the constitutional right to a trial by jury guaranteed by the Seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution by ensuring that every person or business harmed or injured by the misconduct or negligence of others can hold wrongdoers accountable in the one room where everyone is equal – the courtroom.”

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