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Prince Glover Hayes Partner Bob Prince Settles Lawsuit Involving 18-Wheeler

Bob Prince settled a lawsuit filed in federal court involving an 18-wheeler that rear-ended his client on Interstate 59 in Sumter County, Alabama. His client suffered multiple injuries and incurred over $40,000.00 in medical bills.  The complaint alleged that the driver of the 18-wheeler was operating his vehicle in excess of the posted speed limit and as a result of this negligence and/or wantonness he collided with Bob’s client.  

Prince Glover Hayes investigator, Ken Swindle, hired an accident reconstruction expert to determine the speed of the 18-wheeler and gather other relevant facts that would show fault.  After eliciting written discovery from the defendant trucking company, a mediation took place.  Bob successfully presented his client’s case to the mediator and defense counsel and thereafter reached a satisfactory settlement.  

PGH is a respected Tuscaloosa truck wreck firm whose attorneys are skilled negotiators who know how to deal with insurance companies and adversarial parties.  We have an extensive network of subject matter experts who can help determine precisely how the crash happened.  Because of the complex nature of trucking accidents, seeking legal counsel is important.  Call Bob or any of the other attorneys at Prince Glover Hayes for a free consultation.  PGH has the experience, knowledge and reliability you need to navigate such a difficult situation.