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Prince Glover Hayes Partner Josh Hayes Settles Catastrophic Car Wreck Case For $1,000,000

Josh Hayes, a PGH partner, recently settled his client’s case catastrophic car wreck case for $1,000,000.Josh’s client sought damages for injuries he sustained in a collision caused by a DUI driver.  The complaint, alleged that Josh’s client was injured by the negligence and/or wantonness of the adverse driver when she ran a stop sign. That collision resulted in very serious wrist, ankle, leg, and arm injuries.  He stayed in the hospital for 11 days and had multiple surgeries.  The medical bills were over $170,000.00 and a medical expert predicted that the client would need lifetime car resulting from this wreck.

While preparing his case, Josh filed various discovery requests, took depositions and prepared a presentation to be used at mediation.  A settlement video was also produced which thoroughly outlined the client’s injuries  These various discovery strategies elicited information that was favorable to Josh’s client and helped him reach a very substantial result which will go to much-needed medical care.

Josh and all the attorneys at Prince Glover Hayes handle their cases the “PGH Way”….. they counsel, they advocate and they litigate.  Thankfully, Josh’s client did not have to go through a trial but Josh and his team were ready if a satisfactory settlement could not be reached.   Several post-mediation settlement sessions were necessary to finalize this settlement.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car wreck, call Josh or any of the other car accident attorneys at Prince Glover Hayes for a free consultation.