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Matt Glover and Coe Baxter Settle Personal Injury Lawsuit for a Confidential Amount

Matt Glover and Coe Baxter recently settled a personal injury lawsuit arising out of a negligently constructed and/or maintained roof deck at a construction site.  Their client was working at the site and fell approximately 30 feet when the roof deck on the facility upon which he was working gave way. He was gravely injured and spent two weeks in an Intensive Care Unit.  Thereafter, he was in and out of hospitals for the next sixteen months. Several defendants were named in the lawsuit which claimed that they had a duty to properly install and/or affix the roof deck that gave way and to prudently manage the construction of the facility.  The defendants breached that duty and as a proximate consequence, Plaintiff was caused to suffer physical injuries, loss of future income and wages, and physical and mental pain and suffering. Another count in the complaint alleged that the defendants had a legal duty to ensure that the property was constructed and maintained in a  reasonably safe manner and to warn Plaintiff (their client) of any dangerous conditions related to the property.  That duty was breached when, among other things the defendants failed to properly install, construct, manage, and inspect the roof deck upon which the Plaintiff was working; failed to repair and/or maintain said roof deck; and/or failed to warn Plaintiff of the presence of the dangerous condition or the danger it posed; failed to discover the hazard in a reasonable manner and failed to implement changes, regulations and inspections to prevent such a hazardous condition from existing.  If  you or a loved one has been injured due to the wrongdoing of another, call the experienced Tuscaloosa  personal injury attorneys at Prince Glover Hayes for a free consultation.