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Prince Glover Hayes Partner Bob Prince Files Lawsuit In Tuscaloosa County

PGH partner Bob Prince filed  a lawsuit in Tuscaloosa County on behalf of his client who was hit by a car as she walked in the WalMart parking lot in Northport, Alabama.  Bob’s client was in the crosswalk, was struck and was seriously and permanently injured.  The complaint alleges the driver of the car was negligent and/or wanton.  The damages and injuries described in the complaint include physical injuries, medical and health care expenses, great pain and suffering and mental anguish.  Bob’s client was unable to pursue many normal and usual activities and was caused to incur various out-of-pocket  expenses.  Since most motorists only have the minimum legal requirement of liability insurance coverage, $25,000, the complaint also contained a claim for uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.  Many of the clients PGH represents seek and ultimately obtain damages for pain and suffering and mental and emotional distress.  Pain and suffering damages are meant to compensate for an injured party’s non-monetary damages, including the pain, discomfort, anguish, inconvenience and emotional trauma that accompanies an injury.    Mental anguish and emotional distress damages can be awarded when someone’s actions cause another person to suffer mental harm such as anguish, humiliation torment, anxiety, insomnia or depression.  If you or a loved one has been injured by the actions of another, call Prince Glover Hayes for a free consultation.