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Coe Baxter, Prince Glover Hayes Associate, Settles Retaliatory Discharge Lawsuit

PGH associate, Coe Baxter, recently settled a lawsuit alleging retaliatory discharge.  The lawsuit alleged that Coe’s client had been fired in retaliation for seeking workmen’s compensation benefits and as a result of this wrongful termination,  his client lost past and future wages, health insurance and other benefits of employment, experienced a tarnished employment record, and suffered humiliation, economic distress, embarrassment and mental anguish.  In Alabama, to show that a discharge was retaliatory, the discharged employee must lay out four elements:  1. An employment relationship; 2. An on-the-job injury; 3. The employer’s knowledge of the injury; and 4. Termination based solely on the on-the-job injury and filing a workers’ compensation claim.  Coe conducted discovery and took the deposition of the employer’s representative.   After that, he wrote an informative mediation position and thereafter mediated the case.  Following mediation, Coe was able to settle the case to his client’s satisfaction.  Coe was associated on this case by Jasper attorney John Warren.  Call Coe or any of the other attorneys at Prince Glover Hayes if you feel you have been wronged by the actions of another.