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Prince Glover Hayes Attorney Blake Williams Reaches Substantial Settlement

Blake Williams, PGH attorney, settled a lawsuit pending in Franklin County, Alabama, for a substantial amount. The specific settlement amount is confidential, but Blake was pleased to be able to ensure that his client was fully compensated for her serious and permanent injuries.

Blake’s client was injured as she was performing her job duties at a facility.  Blake’s client’s claims were that the facility did not provide her with safe equipment to use while she worked.  Unfortunately, a piece of equipment failed, causing her to fall and be seriously and permanently injured.  She endured a number of surgeries over the years and was ultimately forced to take disability retirement. Her medical bills totaled hundreds of thousands of dollars.  To make sure his client was properly compensated, Blake hired a vocational expert who evaluated Blake’s client’s inability to work going forward.  Blake also hired an economist to determine the value of his client’s lost future earnings.

Blake’s exceptional preparation of the case, including paper discovery, the taking of depositions, and the hiring of experts, enabled him to  conclude the case to his client’s satisfaction.  Call Blake, or any of the other experienced personal injury lawyers at Prince Glover Hayes if you have been hurt by the negligent actions of another.  Consultation is free.