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Prince Glover Hayes Partner Matt Glover obtains a $1,450,000.00 Verdict in Pickens County

On Friday, January 28, 2022, a Pickens County jury awarded $1,450,000.00 to Matt Glover’s client who had filed a lawsuit alleging fraud, fraudulent suppression, breach of contract and/or warranty, negligence, and wantonness.  Defendants included an automotive dealer, two employees of that dealership and the manufacturer of a tractor purchased by Matt’s client.  The complaint charged that the  plaintiff, Matt’s client, after noticing that the tractor had 47 engine hours on it,  had been assured that the tractor he was purchasing was new and did not have a previous owner.  When Matt’s client first tried to use the tractor, he could not get it to operate.  When he checked under the hood, he saw hay in the outside air screen and inside the hood on the radiator.  When the defendant dealership was questioned about this, an employee again assured Matt’s client that the tractor was new and had been “demoed” on a farm and that was the reason for the hay.  Defendant dealership  and defendant manufacturer sent mechanics out to repair the tractor on six separate occasions but after each session, the tractor would operate for a very short period before becoming inoperable.  All this time, Matt’s client was making payments on the tractor.  It turned out that the tractor had indeed been sold to a previous owner who had operation problems with it and sold it back to defendant dealership.  After hearing 4 days of testimony, the jury deliberated for 7 hours and returned their verdict.  This case was referred to Matt by Tommy Jones, an attorney who has worked with Matt on several cases.  Jones also assisted during the trial. Pickens County attorneys Tim McCool and John Morgan Owens were also part of the team representing the plaintiff.  This is the 2nd largest verdict in Pickens County. Matt Glover and Tim McCool previously obtained a 6.5 million dollar verdict in Pickens County in December 2019.