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Prince Glover Hayes Partner, Josh Hayes And Associate, Coe Baxter, Settle Personal Injury Lawsuit

Prince Glover Hayes attorneys Josh Hayes and Coe Baxter recently settled a personal injury lawsuit for a confidential amount.  Their client, a truck  driver, had completed a weighing transaction at the defendant’s facility and was seriously injured when he fell in an opening between the scales and the catwalk leading back to his truck.  The lawsuit alleged that the catwalk was not anchored or affixed in any manner and as a result was dangerous when used for its intended purpose.   The lawsuit contended as a proximate result of the defendant’s negligent and/or wanton failure to maintain a safe premises and/or the failure to  properly warn the plaintiff of the dangerous conditions on the  premises, plaintiff was caused to suffer injuries and damages. According to the law in Alabama, an owner of premises owes a duty to business invitees to use reasonable care and diligence to keep the premises in a safe condition, or, if the premises are in a dangerous condition, to give sufficient warning so that, by the use of ordinary care, the danger can be avoided. Another count in the complaint charged that the defendant negligently and/or wantonly employed, hired, supervised, monitored, trained, investigated, and/or retained as an agent, servant, or employee, one or more employees. Josh and Coe pursued this claim by filing interrogatories and requests for production, taking and defending depositions, gathering medical records, inspecting and photographing the premises, filing various pleadings and motions and preparing the case for trial. After negotiating with the attorneys for the defendant, Josh and Coe were able to reach a settlement that would  adequately compensate their client.  This case was referred to PGH by Marc Keahey, an attorney in Grove Hill, Alabama.  Josh frequently works with Marc on cases and they enjoy a very rewarding working relationship.  If you or a loved one has been injured on the premises of another, call Prince Glover Hayes, Tuscaloosa premises liability law firm, for a free consultation.