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Matt Glover, Prince Glover Hayes Partner, Files Fraudulent Suppression Lawsuit in Pickens County

On July 9, 2021,  Matt Glover filed a lawsuit on behalf of several plaintiffs in the Circuit Court of Pickens County.  The complaint names United Propane Gas Inc. and several individuals as defendants.   The plaintiffs were customers of United which operates throughout several states and has multiple locations in Alabama.  The individual defendants named in the suit are employees of United.  The complaint alleges that the defendants charged each of the plaintiffs for propane gas they did not receive.  The complaint further contends the defendants financially benefitted by collecting money from the plaintiffs for propane not delivered.

Based on these allegations, Matt sued the defendants for fraudulent suppression and asked the court to pierce the corporate veil.  To support the fraudulent suppression claim Matt recounted that United and the individual defendants were involved in a public trial in December 2019 with other plaintiffs and subsequent media coverage made known that United and its drivers were involved in a massive scheme to defraud customers to collect large sums of money for propane gas not sold. United did not make the current plaintiffs aware that it had discovered they were victims of this billing scheme.  Consequently, the current plaintiffs were unable to learn of this until the December 2019 trial.  Testimony  during the December 2019 trial made it  clear that United was aware of the fraud, ratified the conduct and suppressed it from the customers.  Matt was one of the attorneys representing the plaintiffs in this case and a $6.75 million dollar verdict was rendered by the jury.

The second count in the present complaint for piercing the corporate veil alleges that the gas company is the alter ego or mere instrumentality of two individuals and that the company was conceived and operated for a fraudulent purpose.  The count contends that the gas company and the individuals  have intermingled corporate and personal funds and asks the Court to disregard the corporate form of the gas company and allow the plaintiffs to pierce the  corporate  veil and hold the individuals liable for any judgment against the gas company. 

Matt has again joined forces with Tim McCool and Deanna Herring to represent the named plaintiffs.  Tim and Deanna know that Prince Glover Hayes will diligently investigate the claims and provide in depth preparation at every stage of the case.  Referring and associating attorneys also know that PGH has a proficient and experienced staff to aid in this preparation.  These attorneys can also expect a generous fee from Prince Glover Hayes.  

Matt has handled numerous fraud cases against corporations whose actions have injured his clients, financially and emotionally.  If you or someone you know has been the  victim of fraud, call Matt or any of the other attorneys at Prince Glover Hayes for a free consultation.