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Coe Baxter, Prince Glover Hayes Associate, Files Lawsuit for Breach of Contract, Negligent/Wanton Misrepresentation, Business Disparagement, and Defamation

Coe Baxter filed a lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama on June 4, 2021.  His client is seeking monetary damages for breach of contract, negligent/wanton misrepresentation, business disparagement and defamation.  The lawsuit arises out of an employment agreement between Coe’s client and two other named defendants.  The complaint alleges that the defendants wrongly terminated Coe’s client’s employment contract and undertook to harm his client’s reputation in the business community.  The count for  negligent/wanton misrepresentation alleges that the defendants made misrepresentations of material facts which were justifiably relied upon by Coe’s client and caused damage as a proximate consequence.  The count for business disparagement asserts that the defendants published oral and/or written statements regarding Coe’s client and such statements were false and caused and will continue  to cause injury  to Coe’s client and will damage his reputation in the local and business communities. Coe also included a count for libel, slander and defamation, contending that the defendants made statements that they knew were false when they were made and as a result Coe’s client will continue to suffer injuries and damages.   If you have been injured and need an experienced attorney, call Coe Baxter or any of the other skilled attorneys at Prince Glover Hayes for a free consultation.