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Prince Glover Hayes Attorney Matt Glover Settles Car Wreck Case for $600,000.00

Prince Glover Hayes attorney Matt Glover recently settled a car wreck case for $600,000.00.  The wreck happened in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama when Matt’s client was rear-ended by the adverse driver who was driving at a high rate of speed and violating other rules of the road.  The lawsuit was filed in Pickens County, Alabama, where Matt’s client resides.    Since the adverse driver was operating her vehicle within the line and scope of her employment,  her employer was also named as a defendant.  Tim McCool, an attorney in Pickens County, Alabama, associated Matt on the case.  Matt and Mr. McCool have had numerous cases together and make every effort to obtain fair settlements for their clients.  Our firm handles many car wreck cases where the cause is inattention or speed resulting in a rear end collision.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a car or truck wreck, please call Matt or any of the other attorneys at PGH for a free consultation.