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Blake Williams, Prince Glover Hayes Attorney, Files Lawsuit in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama

Blake Williams filed a lawsuit on behalf of his client for injuries the client received at her workplace.  Blake’s client was injured when she was run over by an employee of a different company who was working at the same facility as Blake’s client. This employee had previously hit another individual with a vehicle at the same facility.  Blake sued the driver of the vehicle and the company the driver worked for, alleging that the company improperly hired, supervised, trained and retained their employee.  Blake has asked for a jury trial and has begun the discovery process. 

Blake and all the other attorneys at Prince Glover Hayes practice law according to the “PGH Way”.  We counsel our clients, we advocate for them, and we litigate on their behalf.  Call Blake or any of the other experienced lawyers at Prince Glover Hayes if you or a loved one has been injured.