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Prince Glover Hayes Partner, Matt Glover, Settles Wrongful Death Claim

Prince Glover Hayes partner, Matt Glover, recently settled a wrongful death claim.  Carrollton attorney, Tim McCool, referred the case to Matt. Matt and Tim represented the mother of a young man who was killed in a wreck involving the motorcycle on which he was riding and another vehicle.  The driver of the other vehicle said he never saw the motorcycle.  According to Rick Randolph, the program manager at the Alabama Traffic Safety Center, in multi-vehicle collisions too often another driver simply doesn't see the motorcycle. They can blend in with a busy intersection or the landscape. Randolph asks everyone out there to make a conscious effort to look twice and realize there are 112,000 motorcyclists in our state sharing the road with you.  If you have been injured by the actions of another, please call Matt for a free consultation