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Matt Glover Files Lawsuit in Pickens County Involving Multiple Vehicles

Prince Glover Hayes partner, Matt Glover, along with attorneys Tommy Jones and Tim McCool, filed a lawsuit in Pickens County, Alabama involving multiple vehicles.  The complaint alleges that the driver of a tractor trailer stopped his vehicle for no apparent reason.  Matt’s client, traveling behind him, came to a stop when he saw the tractor trailer stop.   A third vehicle crashed into Matt’s client from the rear, causing Matt’s client’s vehicle to collide with the tractor trailer.  The complaint names as defendants the tractor trailer driver, the trucking company that owned the tractor trailer, the driver of the third vehicle and the insurance company which carried Matt’s client’s uninsured motorist coverage (the complaint alleged that the driver of the third vehicle was an uninsured motorist).  Matt is grateful for his professional relationships with Mr. Jones and Mr. McCool and he has enjoyed working with them.  Please call Matt if you have been injured in a car or truck accident.