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PGH Attorney Bob Prince Settles Lawsuit Involving an 18 Wheeler Crash

Ken Swindle, Chief Investigator for Prince Glover Hayes, is shown with Mr. Percy Jones as they read over documents in connection with Mr. Jones’ lawsuit.  Bob Prince, senior partner at PGH, settled Mr. Jones’ lawsuit for $400,000.00.  Mr. Jones was rear ended by an 18 wheeler.  Mr. Jones was injured and spent several days in the hospital.  Mr. Prince noted that it was an honor to represent Mr. Jones and settle his case for a substantial amount.  PGH is fortunate to have an investigator like Ken Swindle to help delve into the facts and circumstances surrounding truck wrecks in Tuscaloosa County and the state of Alabama. His experience and knowledge are invaluable in formulating a strategy and preparing our lawsuits.   If you have been in a collision involving an 18 wheeler please call Prince Glover Hayes for a free consultation.