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PGH Partner Josh Hayes Obtains 7 Figure Settlement in Wrongful Death Case

PGH is pleased to announce that Josh Hayes recently settled a case involving a pedestrian who was killed while walking in a marked crosswalk.   The terms of the settlement are confidential at the request of the insurance companies involved, but the firm can say that the amount of the settlement reached into the 7 figures.

Josh is especially pleased with this result given that the initial reports of this tragedy indicated that the pedestrian stepped into oncoming traffic.   Despite these long odds, Josh and his team uncovered evidence, including surveillance footage, showing exactly otherwise.   Josh states: "Thankfully, our clients wasted no time in getting our firm involved.   From the beginning, all they wanted was a chance to tell their side of the story that was so quickly discarded by the initial media reports.   Because we were hired within days of this fatality, we were able to quickly get our team of investigators and accident reconstructionists out to the scene while the evidence was still fresh.   The good work done on this case in the 10 day period immediately following this tragedy is what led to a very favorable result for this fine family.  It was an honor to represent them."

As a reminder, there is no fee for an initial case consultation.   In fact, you do not pay PGH unless PGH recovers for you.   If you or a loved one is seriously injured, please act today so that your rights are protected.