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Josh Hayes Files Wrongful Death Complaint in Tuscaloosa County

Josh Hayes of the Tuscaloosa personal injury firm Prince Glover Hayes announced at a press conference on January 22nd, the filing of a civil lawsuit following the June 20, 2017 wrongful death of eighty year-old Tom Hammond, who was killed while walking as a pedestrian in downtown Tuscaloosa.  At the time of the incident, the death generated numerous media reports from across Central Alabama. The filing of the lawsuit is a culmination of many months of investigative work which included obtaining surveillance footage of the collision.

“This family that I represent is very brave in coming forward to tell Tom’s side of the story,” Hayes said. “Our goal in this is not only to compensate the family for their loss, but also to send a message to Tuscaloosa drivers. We need to be careful. Downtown Tuscaloosa has plenty of pedestrians now.”

If you would like to watch video of the press release from WBRC, please click here.